• June 20, 2024


Plant the ornamental cherry as deep as it was at the grower’s.
To protect the ornamental cherry from the wind, it is important that you support it with tree poles.
Place the posts to the left and right of the trunk slightly slanted away from the tree.
Tighten the strap around the trunk and the posts.
Plant in a pot
If you want to be sure that your tree stays small, you can also choose to plant it in a pot. Look at trees in pots for more information.

In general, not much pruning is needed. If you want to prune it is best after flowering. In fact, it is enough to keep the tree in its beautiful shape. For more information about pruning, see tree pruning. Always use the correct pruning tools or branch saw to prune a tree.

Tip: If the ornamental cherry is large enough, you can remove a number of branches from the tree in the spring and place them in a vase. This way you can quickly bring spring into your home. Then cut the branches before flowering, so that they can bloom in the house

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