• July 21, 2024


Butterfly bushes come in many different colors and sizes. You can read more about the butterfly bush species in the plant index. You can order them among other things. For example, order the popular butterfly bush ‘Pink Delight’.

Plant Butterfly Bush
It is best to plant a butterfly bush in spring or autumn (not during frost). The butterfly bush likes a nutrient-rich, humus-rich, well-drained and calcareous soil. Do not place this shrub on an acidic soil, because then it cannot absorb nutrients. Plant the butterfly bush in a sunny spot.

Pruning butterfly bush
Every Buddleja grows on annual wood. Prune the shrub after the winter, around mid-March. The new shoots can be topped in June. From August to October is a suitable period to remove the spent flower shoots.

See pruning butterfly bush for more information about pruning this shrub. When pruning a butterfly bush, use the correct pruning tools.

Attract butterflies
Butterflies like to come to a sunny garden to warm up their bodies and wings. They themselves need flowers from which they can suck their food, nectar, with their rolling tongue. Crazy about butterflies? Then look at butterfly lure for even more plants that attract butterflies.

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