• June 20, 2024


There are honey bees and many wild bee species. Read more at A bee is not a bee. To change from a one-sided diet of only apple or lime blossom, bees like to fly to other plants and flowers. When choosing plants, consider whether they are bee-friendly. Just out of hibernation, the bee needs one thing: food and water!

bee diet
If you have the space, plant a row of balsam poplars around your garden. Bees make propolis from the wax film, which coats the buds to make their combs waterproof. We use Propolis in medicines. Willow catkins are also particularly important flowers for the bee. Many wild bees are attracted to the bloom of the Salix alba. It is the first food after hibernation. Here are the top ten bee plants of the year of the bee:

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